About Us

In brief, we are a Worldwide Technology Contractor.

Pronova, initially established in 2001 to develop solutions for Digital Video Technologies, currently offers various solutions in Smart Cities, Internet of Things (IOF), Sicence Center, Planetariums, Medical Video Archives, Professional Audio and Video Systems, STEAM Education Materials and Corporate Software Solutions.

Until today, Pronova has worked in collaboration with many reputable public and private institutions. Those are İş Bankası, Turkcell, Doğuş, SGK, Havaş and many more.

Pronova has also successfully took place in international projects in Iraq, Azerbaijan, Romania, Syria, Sudan, Libya.

If you are looking for a partner that you can rely on worldwide, Pronova is what your are looking for.

The after sales services that Pronova offers play an important role in the place in our reputation.

Over the past years, Pronova has improved its service diversity, and today with the brands ARCHIMED, INFOLINK, SCOP, TOMAKER, and SCI-FUN the company offers many products in the market for the use of B2B and B2C users.

Pronova proudly operates with the worlds leading companies such as LG, IBM, Microsoft, SONY. We do carry the responsibility of being a Worldwide Technology Contractor as a subcontractor to companies that do not prefer to go to some parts of the world.

You can call us for all kind of public or private sector projects, as many others did and still doing for the last 20 years.

Future Goals

  • To provide unique solutions with advanced technology for the needs of the time.
  • To provide subcontracting services to companies all around the world, especially in the Middle East.
  • By producing economic and national solutions, increasing the accessibility to technology.
  • Gathering the existing qualified providers under the same roof.
  • Providing various companies with pre-made modular exhibits.
  • Spreading Science Centers and Exhibits from A to Z in all over Turkey.


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