Children and Science

With the developing technological possibilities and possibilities of the 21st century, today’s children are born into technology. This makes them less social. Leaving our children with developed imaginations into unconscious technology makes them dull. We produce scientific events, science centers and planetarium solutions in order to expand their imagination and bring them together with science.

Science Center

Independent of the scale, Pronova analyses your needs and suggest a proper Science Center project and Science Center Exhibits for you.

Scientific Activities

The most important part of science centers is the part where the kids join the experiments.

6DOF Simulators

We have been offering our entertainment and educational simulators to our valued customers for about 10 years. Our simulators offer 6 DOF, that is, 6-axis motion, allowing for a unique experience. We offer the technologies of the world’s and Turkey’s leading manufacturers in our solutions.

Science Bus

The Science Bus was built for science communication and for everyone to reach science. They become the focus of science fairs. They provide you with a very effective promotional tool.

Planetarium Solutions

Enchant your audience with amazing presentations in your planetarium. From preschoolers to seniors everyone loves planetariums. Today all science centers prefers having one. Under a special dome screen you can enjoy all kind of dome movies such as oceans, forest, animal world or human body.

Play Groups

Pronova designs and produces special play groups for indoors and outdoors. Certified products made from natural materials are produced according to the needs of the municipalities, shopping malls and corporate housing projects.

Adventure Trails

Installed on top of trees or poles, rope bridges, tube tunnels, shaky bridges, balance beams, giant swings, climbing panels, climbing nets, and many more activities provide a tour that is fun and full of adrenaline.

Climbing Walls

Either for kindergarden kids or competition walls with professional parkours, Pronova offers fun climbing walls that have a high dose of excitement for any occasion.