Medical Video Management, Recording and Archive System: ARCHIMED

It is no doubt that display plays an essential role in medicine. Since only seeing is not enough anymore, both in diagnosis and treatment and also in academic training archiving plays a huge role. Collecting the obtained medical images, reporting, and classifying the images and adding defining information, and scanning through keywords are the essential functions of an archive system.

Archimed means speed and efficiency. Especially in reporting and creating a patient database, the skills that ARCHIMED offers, creates a whole new revolution in medical archiving. ARCHIMED can be configured for both single and multiple users, allowing it to offer the whole computing and digital world to the use of doctors.

ARCHIMED makes it possible to prepare user defined report formats and user defined disease archives and it also is the answer for any need of information technology in a display system.

Full HD Recording

The importance of medical display has increased with the High Resolution devices becoming more common. The importance of not only seeing but also being able to archieve and share images during diagnosis, treatment, academic gatherings and education cannot be denied.

The medical images can be recorded, gathered, archived, classified, used in reports, edited, kept in the hospital archive, and shared with ARCHIMED. ARCHIMED can record images and videos in HD form (1920×1080). The standard system configuration has the capacity of recording 3000 hours of video and 200.000 images.

Recording Formats

With ARCHIMED, video coding in DV, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and H.264 formats can be done. Save videos as AVI files and images as BMP files. The report files can be created in DOC or PDF formats.

Dynamic Editing; during and after the recording

The recording time of ARCHIMED is controlled with a foot pedal by the user. The recorded fragments are gathered automatically by ARCHIMED. The editing of the recorded video is done by a professional editing program integrated with ARCHIMED.

Fast and Unique Reporting

With ARCHIMED, the format for report of the endoscopic images can be determined as desired. The disease archive can be transferred to ARCHIMED quickly and the report can be concluded.

Archiving and DICOM

All images recorded with ARCHIMED can be transferred to CD/DVD or USB with just one click.  If the PACS substructure is available at your hospital, the images and reports can be archived in the PACS server with the DICOM format.


ARCHIMED can communicate with the Hospital Information System (HIS) in HL7 message format, receives the job list from the PACS server automatically. By joining the hospital automation, ARCHIMED minimizes the risk of repetition, disruption and getting lost along information.

Flexible and Turkish Interface

ARCHIMED is developed specifically by our software engineers in response to all your needs. The user interface language is Turkish. This way all of the information input areas can be renamed by the user as desired.

Modular and Technological Hardware

ARCHIMED can be connected to all medical devices that can produce video in digital standards as HDMI, DVI, SD-SDI, 3G-SDI.

Technical Support and Suggestions

After the installation, our technical staff gives a detailed instruction and training about the operation of the system. You can contact us about any concerns and get assistance from our Technical Support team as soon as possible. We are always happy to hear any suggestions to improve and evolve our work.