Science Centers

Science Center Design and Project 

It does not matter if it is 100 m² or 10.000 m², Pronova analyses the needs of the potential users, local requirements of each area, the scientific and industrial culture of the area and prepares specified Science Center projects.

In the preparation process of the projects, the architecture, plumbing installation, and the scientific setups are all considered as a whole. Also, the management requirements after the installment are considered and optimizations are done accordingly.


Pronova produces its own exhibition setups and in addition to that, Pronova works with native and foreign scientific exhibition and setup providers.

Especially the Astronomy Exhibition is the most comprehensive one in Turkey. The presentations starting with “Theoretical Space” are enriched with “Up-to-date Space Studies” presentations. The “Space and Aviation History” exhibition shows and explains the viewers the important Turkish Islamic Astronomers and the valued people that have an important role in the Turkish Aviation.

Since Pronova believes that each science center needs to be unique, we believe that each science center should be designed specified to the location, historic heroes, endemic plants and geologic features, thus each science center project is designed and handled differently.

The difference between museums and Science and Technology centers is that the science centers are interactable. This provides both support in the lessons and a fun way of learning for the preschool, elementary and middle school kids. In addition to the multimedia experimental setups, in order to satisfy all requirements of a modern science center, Pronova offers all kinds of planetarium solutions.



  • Astronomy Exhibit
  • Earth Science Exhibit
  • Fundamental Sciences (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Geology) Exhibit
  • VR Simulations
  • Mars Colony Exhibit
  • Human Body and Technologies Exhibit
  • Mineral Exhibit
  • Environment and Clean Energy Exhibit