Planetarium Solutions

Enchant your audience with amazing presentations in your planetarium. From preschoolers to seniors everyone loves planetariums. Today all science centers prefers having one. Under a special dome screen you can enjoy all kind of dome movies such as oceans, forest, animal world or human body.

We can optimize a solution for your existing building or we can construct from ground level. You will have the comfort of having a turnkey system. Localization is another issue that we can provide. All software components, movies or presentations can be delivered in any language you desire to any location you need.

With our advanced digital planetarium solutions you can make live connections to the telescopes from all around the world. You can observe the incredible and fascinating events in the sky from any part of the World.

Planetariums play a huge role in the entrance of the news about scientific improvements to our lives, furthermore it also is important in explaining the space in an entertaining way to the young generations.

Along with permanent and advanced planetarium solutions, Pronova also offers mobile, inflatable planetariums.

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