Science Bus

The Science Bus was built for science communication and for everyone to reach science. They become the focus of science fairs. They provide you with a very effective promotional tool.

We arrange the interior and exterior layout of your buses according to your needs. All the training required for you to use your bus effectively is given to your employees in detail. If you have different needs in the future, we are always ready to provide you with an update service.

Science Bus is an extremely effective application for putting your old vehicles back into use. You can take science to the farthest corners where buses can go. If you want, your bus, which we will equip with sound systems, allows you to do activities that will add a different charm to the place where it is located.

Please ask for information about the stage, awning and working area options that can be opened for the events you can do together with the bus.

If you also believe in the benefits of owning a Science Bus, please contact us via the Contact – Pronova link.