Science Center


Independent of the scale, Pronova analyses your needs and suggest a proper Science Center project and Science Center Exhibits for you.

In the preparation process of the projects, the architecture, infrastructure installation, and the scientific setups are all considered as a whole. Also, the management requirements after the installment are considered and optimizations are done accordingly. We do not only provide walls and equipment. You will get all you need from ground zero to the opening day on turnkey basis.

Pronova designs and produces its own science center exhibits. Morover we are working with various local and international science center exhibit producers.


If you have some ideas in your mind, please call us and lets design your center according yo tour needs.

Especially the Astronomy Exhibition is the most comprehensive one in Turkey. The presentations starting with “Theoretical Space” are enriched with “Up-to-date Space Studies” presentations. The “Space and Aviation History” exhibition shows and explains the viewers the important Turkish Islamic Astronomers and the valued people that have an important role in the Turkish Aviation.

Since Pronova believes that each science center needs to be unique, we believe that each science center should be designed specified to the geography, history, biology and geology of the location. Each science center project is designed and handled with special attention.

The difference between museums and Science and Technology centers is that the science centers are interactivity. A science center exhibit is and educational toy. It hast to be played with. This is how edutainment works. This provides both support in the lessons and a fun way of learning for the preschool, elementary and middle school kids. In addition to the multimedia experimental setups, in order to satisfy all requirements of a modern science center, Pronova offers all kinds of planetarium solutions.


  • Astronomy
  • Earth Science
  • Fundamental Sciences (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Geology)
  • VR Simulations
  • Mars Colony
  • Human Body and Technologies
  • Geology and Minerals
  • Environment and Clean Energy
  • History of Science and Technology

    Please Contact – Pronova, we will be glad to assist you.